May 31, 2012

Tape Tip

Here’s a tip for when you use masking tape to hang something on a wall.  This might only apply to teachers, but who knows, you may find yourself in a tape predicament and you will be thankful you read this.
I hang a lot of artwork in the halls of our school and I want them to stay up for a long time since it takes me hours to hang them.  An art teacher many years ago gave me this tip to be sure my artwork would stay put until I was ready to remove it.
Use 2” 3M masking tape (I have found that Quill brand works too…but not Staples). 
Tear a piece of tape about 8” long and roll it.
When you apply it onto the paper to be hung, make sure the over lapped part of the tape sticks to the paper and is lying as flat as possible, close to the corner or edge. It is very important that the roll is horizontal!!!  If it is vertical, gravity will do its job and your picture will soon roll and fall off the wall!!  This can be very frustrating.

**I do not recommend this for drywall; I use it for painted cinder block walls.  I have heard that the blue painters tape works really well for drywall, I would still apply it the same way.
**Disclaimer** There is always a chance of any tape removing paint when it is taken off the wall.

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