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We are 4 sisters who love the Lord.  We have an amazing mom and dad who have raised us in a Christ centered home.  We have a younger brother who has turned out to be quite an amazing man (of course with the help of his mother and his other “4 moms”)!  We are a very close knit family who love spending time with each other and can’t seem to get enough of it.  Each of us are blessed to have wonderful Godly husbands.  We are all moms and enjoy taking this motherhood journey together!  Some of our favorite things are spending time together and with our families, shopping, talking, sports, laughing, food, outdoors, art, watching cheesy girlie movies, warm weather, finding cheap deals, and any hobbies or projects that involve our talents!

The merrellgirls are the 4 sisters with the unique names.  Many people get us confused, and although we look, act, and sound the same, we each have our own creative talents.  God has blessed each of us with our own talents and we want to use this blog to express our talents together.  We truly believe that God enjoys when we use what He has given us to the fullest.  So, this blog is going to help motivate us to use our talents and maybe at the same time you will find something that you like, or be motivated yourself to finally take a leap and express yourself in whatever God has given you.  Thank you for visiting, we hope that if you enjoy this blog you will tell a friend about us and come visit again.
- merrellgirls
I am the oldest merrellgirl and yes, I am in charge :).  I teach art at a small Christian School and love the challenge and the opportunity to share my God given talent as an artist and to impact students for Christ.

My husband and I have been blessed with one daughter and she has a cat (that I am not too fond of, it sheds everywhere, yuck).  The 3 of us spend most of our time being together, going to my brother's college basketball games and hanging with friends, family, my sisters and their families.

I am the second oldest of this wonderful family of mine.  I am so blessed with an amazing husband and two precious little girls.  
Well, to be honest I don’t enjoy writing at all so we will see how this blogging goes.  But, I do love to share good news, new ideas, and great deals!  I have always enjoyed making things.  Even when I was a little girl I used to make paper sets of drawers for my Barbies!  (Remember that mom?!)  Even then I must have known deep down, “why buy when you can make your own originals for free?!” I have moved on a bit from paper dressers and now I really enjoy sewing (I am learning as I go), random crafts and anything to make life easier and more affordable.

I’m the third sister. I enjoy working with children and have spent most of my years, since graduating from college, working with kids. I also enjoy sports, baking, cooking, exercising and spending time with my family. I really like trying new recipes and look forward to blogging about some of the things I’ve tried.

I am the youngest merrellgirl.  I am a wife and mom to one sweet little girl.  My sisters would say that I am the organized one, which I guess is true.  I like things in order and clean, everything in my house has it's own place!  I enjoy spending time with my family, taking pictures of nature, working in my small flower garden, being outdoors, working on art/craft projects, and playing with my daughter.

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