April 23, 2012

Coat Hooks for Curtain Tie Back Hooks

I made the curtains for our house.  Nothing fancy just simple straight rod pocket curtains.  I usually put the curtains on a tension rod and stick the rod inside the frame of the window.  We open the curtains daily to let in as much light as possible, so I needed curtain tie back hooks to keep the curtains open.  Curtain tie back hooks can be expensive.  A lot of the ones I looked at were too big and gaudy for what I wanted.  I wanted simple and sleek.  So I got the idea to use coat hooks.  They are basically the same thing, coat hooks are just a little smaller.

Here is the curtain hanging down with the coat
hook next to the window frame.

This is the coat hook, pretty nice huh?

Here the curtains are open and being held back
with the coat hooks.
Close up of the curtain and the coat hook!

This is another curtain that I used coat hooks
for the tie back hooks. The hook is to the left
of the window.
Very small coat hook.

Open curtains with coat hooks as tie
back hooks.
Close up of the curtain and coat hook.

For the first 4 pictures (the brown curtains) I don't actually tie back these curtains.  I just have the hooks hold the fabric back. It works great.  I got these hooks at IKEA a few years ago.
In the next 4 pictures, I used silver hooks that I got at Walmart.  They are much smaller than the IKEA hooks.  For these curtains, I do tie them back.  The hooks are too small to hold all of the fabric back.  I took some ribbon that matched my curtains and made a big loop, tied it in a knot, and hooked it around the coat hook.

And there you have it, an inexpensive way to get curtain tie back hooks!

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