February 20, 2012

V & P Paintings

As an art teacher I get to see little kid’s drawings everyday and they are so precious!  I love how simple their drawings are but you can still tell what they are, well usually.   It’s funny how as adults, we want to “fix” their drawings, have them add things they forgot or change things that are “wrong”.  I have to say I am also guilty of that.  Of course as the art teacher, I am there to help them learn how to become better drawers and to draw what they actually see.  Well, very quickly in my teaching career I realized that once they grew up and did learn how to draw "correctly" what they saw, they could never really go back to drawing those cute, simple pictures anymore.
So, one day I got the idea to take some of my daughter’s precious drawings and create a painting with them.  I transferred them to my desired size of canvas and painted them.  To enhance my daughter’s original drawing I traced it with puffy paint so it would stand out.
My daughter drew the trees in this one, it hangs over our fire place during the winter months. This one is 24x48".

The flowers are her drawings and this hangs during the Spring and summer months, we still haven't made a fall one yet.  This one is 3 canvases attached together, total measurement is 20x48".

These 5 my daughter drew for one of her cousin's room.  They are each 8x10"

Aren't they so cute, what a great way to decorate your child's room!  We are in the process of getting ready to recreate and sell some of our V & P Paintings.  If you think you are interested, check back soon!  You can also choose to "Follow" our blog by clicking on the "Follow" button at the bottom right of our blog page.  This way you will receive an email whenever we post something new.


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