May 3, 2012

Pre-Vacation Tip

This is a tip that we learned from our mom.  When we were younger and were going to go on a vacation or a weekend away our mom would always make sure the house was straightened up and the kitchen clean.  We just thought that was crazy, we were going to come home and mess it up anyway.  But now that we are older and wiser :), we see the value in a quick clean before leaving for a vacation.  Coming home to a straighten up house or a clean kitchen brings a sense of peace and relaxation.  We don't feel like we have to do any housework, we can just relax before a new week starts.
We are not saying that the whole house needs to be clean, just pick up a few things, put the dishes in the dishwasher (or wash them), take the trash out, whatever makes your house feel a bit cleaner.  That way when you come home from a long trip you won't feel overwhelmed thinking you have to clean everything up.  Now maybe you already do this or you don't mind coming home to housework, but we feel this is a great tip to use before you go on a trip.  We hope this tip is helpful to you!

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