February 26, 2012

V & P CUSTOM Made Paintings of your child's or grandchild's artwork for SALE

You can purchase a Custom made V & P painting of your child's or grandchild's precious artwork!
All you need to do is dig out your child’s priceless drawings or have your child create some new ones.  I found different pictures from children’s books, internet images and magazines that I liked and asked my daughter to draw her version of them.  Then, I chose my favorites or the ones that would work best for what I had in mind and used them to make my paintings.

Some ideas for V & P Paintings...
*Have an older sibling or cousin draw pictures that can be transformed into adorable paintings to decorate the new baby’s nursery.
*Use the picture of your family that your daughter drew at school to have made into a precious painting to hang over your mantle.
*Have your son draw a picture of those flowers he picked for you on Mother’s day and when we are finished with it, you can have a painting to hang in your office for years to come.
*Great gifts for grandparents, moms, dads, a baby shower or just for you!

If you would like to order a Custom Made V & P Painting follow these easy steps.

1.   Scan your child’s drawing and email it to us at merrellgirls@gmail.com.  (When scanning and emailing a drawing, the image could be too light, you might have to trace over it to darken it so the scanner picks up the entire image).  Through email we will discuss the details of your custom painting.  Once we have gathered all the details, you can proceed to order your painting by following the next steps.
This is an example of a child's drawing that could be scanned and emailed.

This is the finished 8x10" painting with the child's original drawing.

2.  Choose the size of canvas:     8x10"($50)     11x14"($60)      16x20"($70)   
3.  Choose the colors from the provided choices below.
4.  When merrellgirls have confirmed the details of your painting you may place your order below.

5.  We will begin painting your child’s creation when we have the order confirmation!

**When choosing to send us your child’s drawing, we do reserve the right to decline an image if it will not work well for this process.
Any questions please contact merrellgirls at merrellgirls@gmail.com

Enter your color choices

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