February 21, 2012

Sloppy Joe

I don't know if your family is picky like mine but I finally found a Sloppy Joe recipe that we all 3 like!  My sister Myka made it for all of us one time and we fell in love with it.  What makes this recipe work so good for us is 1. it's easy, 2. there are no chunks of anything (onions, tomatoes) and 3. we used ground turkey (no gristle).  Here's the recipe:
1 lb.  ground turkey (can use hamburger)
1 cup  ketchup
1 TBS  sugar
1 TBS  vinegar
1 TBS  mustard
a few shakes of onion powder
simmer and eat!

I served it with a Ranch & Bacon Pasta Salad from ALDI, only .99 cents!  The merrellgirls LOVE to shop at ALDI.  We will give more deals at ALDI later.

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